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La Mision Hotel

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a man with a dream.
A romantic dream that had to do with a different and relaxed life, away from the big city and all those things that afflict the soul.

This man, an American, wanted to retire and move to Mexico, start a business and dedicate himself on working on it.
So it was that in 1985, he decided to buy a piece of land by the sea in which he would make his dream come true.
He may have faced all kinds of criticism from family and friends, "Gringo Loco", some called him, but that did not deviate him from his project.

Despite the opposition, there was one person who was at his side the whole time and gave him the support needed to move forward, a woman. A local lady appeared and started to administer the new business with talent and wisdom, making it, in some way, her own dream.

The construction of Hotel La Mision was finished in 1987 and has since been in the same place with the same name and under the same management.

It has enjoyed the good times but it has also weathered the storms of the bad times

The Hotel La Mision is not only a beautiful piece of architecture, but also a source of income for many local families.
It is also the legacy of the American and Mexican lady, and will remain for a long time.

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